2015 Stock/Retro Rules

** Pack 44 is not responsible for damage to a car during any part of the race.  Your application and registration forms are your acceptance to this disclaimer **

** Stock/Retro and Powder Puff Derby classes will adhere to this set of rules.



Length, Width and Clearance.

1. Cars shall be built using the materials in the Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit, or the Official BSA Replacement Parts Kit. This includes the pinewood block, axles, and wheels (including official BSA
colored wheels). Although purchased wheels and axles are permitted, materials from the official kits are recommended. Use of the new Official BSA pre-cut (contoured) body kits, although not illegal, is strongly discouraged because it does not align with the goals of this event which is to build a car from the kit provided.

2. Maximum overall width (including wheels and axles) shall not exceed 2-3/4”.

3. Minimum width between wheels shall be 1-3/4” so the car will clear the center guide strip.

4. The wheel base length shall be the same as the stock block which is 4-3/8" The slots may be moved but the distance between front and rear axles must stay 4-3/8".  THE WHEEL BASE MAY NOT BE STAGGERED OR EXTENDED

5. Minimum clearance between the bottom of the car and the bottom of the wheels should be 3/8” so the car will clear the guide strip. It is recommended that weights on the bottom of the car be inset so they are flush with the bottom of the wood block.

6. Maximum length of the car shall not exceed 7”. Please check the wood block, as they are not all the same size, some are longer than 7" It is recommended to slightly shave the end of the block to allow for paint

7. Maximum height of the car shall not exceed 4”.

8. Cars shall not protrude beyond the starting line mechanism. Which means wheels may not protrude past front of car.

9. Cars shall have a minimum of a 1/4” flat bearing surface on the front of the car to align with the starting line mechanism. (The nose of the car cannot come to a sharp point like a pencil.)  The bottom of the wood block at the front of the car must be no higher than 1-5/8" from the track surface so it may rest against the starting pin.

Stock/Retro class cares can be newly built or cars that have been previously raced.

Weight and Appearance.

10. Total weight of the car shall not exceed 5 ounces, as weighed on a “10ths” scale. The readings of the Official Race Scale shall be considered final.

11. No loose materials of any kind shall be permitted in or on the car. All weights shall be attached with screws, nails, glue, etc – tape is not permitted.

12. Details such as steering wheel, driver, spoiler, decals, painting, and interior details are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, and weight specifications.

Wheels and Axles.

13. Only the Official BSA Scout Grand Prix wheels and axles can be used. Axles may be polished and the burrs removed from the axle heads; but the axles cannot be grooved in any way. Solid, or one-piece, axles are strictly prohibited.

14. Purchased black and colored BSA wheels are permitted BUT PURCHASING PRE MACHINED WHEELS IS PROHIBITTED.  Wheel rims may be painted, but no paint is allowed on the tread of the well.

15. Casting burrs may be removed from the wheels . The wheel tread (outside surface) may not be polished, treated or graphite polished. “BSA” must be visible on both sides of tires.

16. Hubcaps, stickers, and wheel covers are prohibited. We must be able to see the axle head.

17. Wheel bearings, washers, or bushings are prohibited.

18. Car shall not ride on any type of springs. Cars must be freewheeling with no starting device or other propulsion.

19. Axles can be glued in.

20. All Four (4) wheels do not have to be in contact with the track surface.  If a wheel is not touching, the discretion of the registration committee will determine if the car is legal.



21. Axles may be lubricated with powdered graphite or liquid lubricant. No lubrication shall be dripping off of the car. Any car with dripping or over graphited lubrication shall be disqualified.

22. Cars shall be lubricated before inspection. No lubricant will be allowed in the building. Graphite and LIQUID LUBRICANT will have to be applied outside of building.  Anyone caught adding a lubricant inside the building without direct permission from a race official may be disqualified.


Race Day.

23. Cars shall be inspected during registration for compliance to the specifications.

24. Each car shall pass inspection by the Official Inspection Team before it may compete. The Inspection Team has the right to disqualify those cars that do not meet these rules. Car owners will be informed of any violations and given an opportunity to modify the car to meet these rules. All modifications must be completed by the time registration ends for that division.

25. Cars can be re-inspected at any time by Race Officials, including during the race. If the car does not meet specifications, it must be brought into compliance before its next scheduled race or be disqualified. A maximum of five minutes will be allowed a participant (or their designated adult) to bring the car into compliance.

26. Cars can be re-inspected after the race by Race Officials, and disqualified for non-compliance with these rules. This includes removal of the wheels and axles for inspection purposes.

27. Any participant (including a parent or guardian of a participant) has the right to appeal to the Race Committee for an interpretation of these rules or the race results. The Race Committee, by majority vote, will be the final interpreter of these rules or the race results. In case of a tie vote, the decision of the Super Derby Committee Chairperson will be final.

28. Unsportsmanlike conduct or behavior by any race participant or member of the audience may be grounds for expulsion from the competition and/or the race area.

29. Only race officials shall be permitted in the track area. This rule will be strictly enforced.

30. If a car suffers a mechanical problem during a heat (loses on axle, breaks a wheel, etc), the participant or a designated adult will have up to five minutes to fix the car. The heat will be rerun.

31. If a car suffers a mechanical problem after a heat, the participant or a designated adult will have five minutes or until his next scheduled heat to fix the car.

32. If a car interferes with another car during a heat, that heat shall be rerun. If the same car causes interference a second time, a third race shall be run without the interfering car.

33. Proxy racing (a stand-in racer, racing another person's car) shall be allowed.

34. It is highly recommended that Cub, Boy and Girl Scouts wear representation of their organizations as this race can also be a recruiting tool.

All repairs and corrections will be done under the supervison of the inspection/check-in team.

There will be a pit area set up with appropriate tools to fix cars and adjust weight as necessary. If anyone has a set of illegal wheels, Stock BSA wheels and axles will be available for purchase at $5 a set.

Explanatory Notes Regarding Wheels.

Only the official BSA wheels that come in the official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit or the official BSA

Replacement Parts Kit are recommended to be used on a Pinewood Derby car. Purchased wheels must say BSA on BOTH sides of wheel. Colored wheels are permitted.

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