The Scout Oath includes the phrase “to help other people at all times,” which reminds us to always be of service to others. Keeping the Scout Oath close to our heart, Pack 44 participated once again, in the Scouting for Food drive. The Manchester area drive, led by Todd Petersen distributed bags to homes on November 4th, then picked up bags filled with canned goods, dry goods and other items on November 11th. On Sunday, November 12, 2017, we delivered approximately 244 food filled bags to St. John's Roman Catholic Church in Lakehurst which will be processed and distributed in the days ahead to members in the community.  The quantity delivered is above and beyond the 200+ bags delivered during last year's campaign.  

The following is a list of the Scouts who participated in this year's Scouting for Food drive: Maxwell Rubin, Landon Rubin, Colton Sitarik, Sullivan Nolan, Chet Furmanek, Kenneth Jorgensen, Connor Burns, Carter Gingras, Aiden Schultz, Shane Fasinski, Andrew Petersen, Aiden Staples, Justin King, Larry Petillon, Michael Tirado, Andrew Raymond, James D'Auria, Tyler Perlman, Andrew Hudak, Michael Hudak, Jayden Adeyeye, Morgan Cain, Jack Heider, Owen Williams, Tyler O'Neill, Julian Grisales, and Corbyn Roman. 

Year after year, this service project is significant to our Pack, because once the last bag is dropped off and the holidays quickly approach soon after,we all look back with satisfaction on an effort that has made a difference in our community.


About Cub Scouts

Does your son enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, building, and playing games with other like minded boys? Would you like your son to learn the value of being honest, responsible, and helpful in a positive atmosphere that rewards individual hard work and builds teamwork skills? If you answered yes to either of these, Cub Scouting is for you and your son!

Cub Scouting is a year round family program for boys in kindergarten to fifth grade that provides “Fun with a Purpose”. Through the use of songs, skits, games, outings, indoor and outdoor activities, we instill in the boys the 12 core values designed to develop character  and help the boy grow into a well rounded young man. All of this happens while providing the boys with a sense of belonging, pride in their accomplishments and creating a greater strength between them and their adult partner (parent/guardian).
This all sounds great, but right now you're asking where the fun part comes in. The boys will spend their den meetings working with each other and their adult partners to build things, solve problems, learn new tasks, create and play games, sing songs, and explore the world around them all under the supervision of an adult scout leader. We believe there can be no scouting without outing. We have trips to local areas of interest. Would your son like to see the inside of a radio station? How about a zoo or aquarium? Perhaps a museum or art exhibit would catch his interest. We strive to get the boys out and about as much as possible. If you ask the boys, the trips are the best part of the scouting experience. To be honest, the parents have a good time too! Once a month, the boys will attend a pack meeting. This is the big payoff for all their hard work throughout the month. They will stand in front of the pack with the rest of their den and be presented with the awards that they have earned for the past month. The Cub Scout Motto, “Do Your Best” ensures that every boy, regardless of ability level, is recognized for his efforts. When you see the pride in your sons eyes and the smile on his face when he receives those awards, you'll truly understand what cub scouting is all about.
If you would you like to learn more about how the cub scouting program can benefit you and your son or would like to know how you can sign your son up for this exciting program, please contact:
Tracy Staples, Membership Co-Chair at (848) 448-0276  or   P
Nicole Petersen, Membership Co-Chair at    
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