The Scout Oath includes the phrase “to help other people at all times,” which reminds us to always be of service to others. Keeping the Scout Oath close to our heart, Pack 44 participated once again, in the Scouting for Food drive. The Manchester area drive, led by Todd Petersen distributed bags to homes on November 4th, then picked up bags filled with canned goods, dry goods and other items on November 11th. On Sunday, November 12, 2017, we delivered approximately 244 food filled bags to St. John's Roman Catholic Church in Lakehurst which will be processed and distributed in the days ahead to members in the community.  The quantity delivered is above and beyond the 200+ bags delivered during last year's campaign.  

The following is a list of the Scouts who participated in this year's Scouting for Food drive: Maxwell Rubin, Landon Rubin, Colton Sitarik, Sullivan Nolan, Chet Furmanek, Kenneth Jorgensen, Connor Burns, Carter Gingras, Aiden Schultz, Shane Fasinski, Andrew Petersen, Aiden Staples, Justin King, Larry Petillon, Michael Tirado, Andrew Raymond, James D'Auria, Tyler Perlman, Andrew Hudak, Michael Hudak, Jayden Adeyeye, Morgan Cain, Jack Heider, Owen Williams, Tyler O'Neill, Julian Grisales, and Corbyn Roman. 

Year after year, this service project is significant to our Pack, because once the last bag is dropped off and the holidays quickly approach soon after,we all look back with satisfaction on an effort that has made a difference in our community.


2017 Pack 44 Leadership

Pack Committee Members:




Michael Brandt

Chartered Organization Representative

Jayme Perlman

Pack Committee Chair 

Keith Rubin


Darryl Schultz

Assistant Cubmaster and Pack Trainer 
Steve Williams 
Assistant Cubmaster
Kerry D'Abreau

Alison Gingras
Melissa Williams
Advancement Chair
Maureen Rubin 
Events/Outdoor Activity Chair
Katherine Doriety Incoming Events/Outdoor Activity Chair

Tracy Staples
Membership and Re-Registration Chair



Popcorn Kernel/Fundraising Chair

Media Relations



John Boyle
Cub Scout to Boy Scout Liasion


Den Leaders:


       Name and Position:


Lions Den 1

Steve Williams-Guide 

Maureen Rubin-Guide

Tigers Den 9

Steve Willilams-Leader

Pete Heider-Assistant Leader

Chris O'Neil-Assistant Leader

Wolves  Den 8

Jason Perlman-Leader

Ellen Hudak-Assistant Leader
Bears Den 10
Larry Petillon-Leader
Todd Petersen-Assistant Leader
Robert Staples-Assistant Leader

Webelos  Den 5

Darryl Schultz-Leader

Paul Mount-Assistant Leader

Webelos  Den 2
Chad Gingras-Leader

Webelos II  Den 6

Legendary Warrior Patrol

 Maureen Rubin-Leader





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