Pack Organization

~ Your son is a member of a Den- a group of boys your son's age/grade
~ The Pack is made up of one or more Dens
~ The Pack meets once a month at the Pack Meeting (All families are expected to participate)
~ Pack Meetings are a time for boys to be recognized for their accomplishments during the month, to perform skits and songs they hae learned in den meetings, and to have fun with the entire family
~ The Pack is led by the Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster(s)
~ The Pack Committee, which is led by the Committee Chairperson, supported by a Treasurer, Secretary, Media Relations Chair, Pack Trainer, Quartermaster, Events Chair, Membership/Recruitment Chair, Advancement/Awards Chair, and Popcorn Kernel/Fundraising Chair are parents who serve as committee members and assist in planning, organizing and executing the Pack program, as well as keeping records and managing Pack funds
~ The Committee  meets monthly to plan for upcoming activities and events
~ The Pack is sponsored by a Chartered Organization, the Manchester Volunteer Fire Department
~ Chartered Organzations approve leadership, help secure a meeting place, oversee the implementation of BSA and organization policies, etc.
~ Chartered organziations select a Chartered Organization Representative to serve as a liaison between our Pack and the organzation
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